Have you lost your car keys?


Did you lock your car keys in the car?


Have you got a broken car key?


If you need super-fast service, then call us and we will open your car locks and replace your keys as quickly as possible.


Our ultimate goal is to be able provide our customers with quality service they deserve & to fulfil all of their security needs.


Automotive services we provide:

  • Replacement of lost car keys for most vehicles
  • Automotive Lock repairs / Re-coding of car ignition and barrels
  • 4 Track and High-Tech keys for most European and Australian vehicles
  • Automotive keys cut/locks repaired or supplied
  • Onsite key cutting services with on-the-spot job completion.
  • Car Key Replacement
  • All we need is the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) which can be found under your bonnet or on your rego papers so we can get a quote to you as soon as possible.
  • We supply and program auto transponder keys, remotes and central locking fobs; whether you have lost your car keys or need a duplicate key, we are here to help.
  • We can also cut replacement car keys from code numbers (usually found in your car manual) or even from your vehicle’s’ worn out locks or keys.
  • We can repair and replace ignitions, doors and boot locks for your convenience without the over-the-top price tag that you would receive from a dealership.

Replacment Transponder Keys

What is a Transponder key?

Transponder keys are automotive ignition keys with signal-emitting circuits built inside.

When the key is turned in the ignition cylinder, the car’s computer transmits a radio signal to the transponder circuit. The circuit has no battery; it is energized by the radio signal itself. The circuit typically has a computer chip that is programmed to respond by sending a coded signal back to the car’s computer. If the circuit does not respond or if the code is incorrect, the engine will not start. Many cars immobilize if the wrong key is used by intruders. Transponder keys successfully protect cars from theft in two ways: forcing the ignition cylinder won’t start the car, and the keys are difficult to duplicate. This is why transponder keys have become standard in modern cars and help decrease car theft.

Locksmith Services can duplicate most Transponder Car Keys for much less than the cost of an original from your dealership, we can also supply factory and after market remotes for your vehicle.